Wutch | iOS App Development

Wutch | iOS App Development

Wutch: Together, find better stuff to watch. Wutch is an app for all your show and movie recommendations, curated by your friends. With a rapid increase in the number of people subscribed to streaming services; as well as an increase in the number of streaming services available, there became a problem. What do I watch and where do I watch it?


My role was to bring ideas to life with time complexity, modularity, and efficiency in mind. With each update I managed development timelines, implemented design changes, and communicated with team members to resolve issues and make workflow adjustments.


The following design implementations made a direct impact on the usage statistics of the appication. After the release of Wutch: v1.6, which focused heavily on the new "From the Community" card I built, we saw that total user activity went up about 22 percent, with total 'liking' activity going up about 26 percent.


Each feature required Storyboard/UI Development, App Workflow Adjustment, and API Integration. All UI and UX designs were given in the form of Figma representaions. All features were made using the 'Auto-layout' technique, allowing the app to present well amongst different iOS devices.

Feed | Community Card

  • Shows the latest on what is going on in the Wutch community
  • Pinned to the top of the feed
  • Users can interact by liking, going to the associated user's profile, or tapping on the card to go to the main title screen
  • Increases user to user outreach
  • Can contain an indefinite number of 'comment cards' within the horizontable scroll section
  • Pop-up Modal

  • Modal appears upon new installations and after updating the application
  • Users can press 'Got it', the upper-right 'x' or outside the modal to close it
  • Feed | Trending with Friends

  • Shows the movies your friends are interacting with
  • Can contain an indefinite number of 'posters' within the horizontable scroll section
  • Feed | Swipe to Dismiss

  • Users can intuitively swipe to dismiss a card
  • 'Where did you watch?' Pop-up

  • After endorsing a title, the user is presented with this pop-up screen to capture the platform they watched it on
  • User can easily exit by pressing 'Cancel' or by pressing on the 'x'
  • The data collected on this screen informs users on where they can watch a movie/show on the main title screens
  • Contacts | Find Friends

  • A screen to bring the process of connecting with others into one corner of the app
  • This screen allows users to connect with friends via Facebook and share contacts to find friends already on the app
  • Contacts | Add Phone Number

  • Users can enter their phone number, making it easier for their friends to find them in the app
  • Made modularly to also be used in onboarding
  • Contacts | Add Contacts

  • Asks the user is they would like to share their contacts in order to be connected with friends already on the app
  • Made modularly to also be used in onboarding
  • Contacts | Share via Message

  • Users can invite others to the app via SMS message or email
  • This share menu is modular to adapt the message in different share scenarios